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Here is a list of the workshops we currently run at Tempest.

However, if you have a particular requirement for a workshop, we are always happy to work with you on creating something bespoke for your students!

Shakespeare Demystified

Duration: 60-90 Minute Workshop

Age Range: 14+


Created and Performed by Elliot James

Please contact us for booking information

Tempest Theatre’s original flagship show is a Shakespeare Performance / Workshop for Students and Adults alike. Shakespeare Demystified. This 60 (or 90) minute Performance / Workshop aims to demystify Shakespeare and his works, make him accessible and highlight that Shakespeare was “Not of an age but for all time.”


We cover the Man Shakespeare, his Life, his World, The Globe Theatre, the Language and of course his Plays. Plays covered and Scenes performed include:


As You Like It

Twelfth Night

Romeo and Juliet



Henry V


Richard III

The Tempest

The Sonnets

We create a safe environment where we focus on what makes Shakespeare worth studying and appreciating. We aim to plant a seed for a lifelong passion. Audiences should take away a sense of Shakespeare’s relevance to the 21st century and his Universality. Performances can be followed by a Q and A with our Actors.


We offer Performances Worldwide. For Pricing Information and / or to book please contact us via the Contacts Page.

The Actors Masterclass

Duration: 2 day Workshop (8 hours)

Age Range: 16+ (For Performers seeking a career in the Performing arts)


Created and Performed by Emma Filby

Please contact us for booking information

This workshop is aimed at students studying for a career in the performing arts.


Students are introduced to a variety of theatrical and acting techniques, through a combination of theory and physical practice.


We provide a fun, interactive workshop that includes playing group games, exploring the theoretical side of performance in practice, as well as trying out techniques and practices devised by world famous theatre practitioners.


We work on Stanislavsky, Brecht, Laban, Lecoq, and Mike Alfred's practices, allowing the student to develop their own technique for the development of character and performance.


In addition, we can offer a workshop focusing on performing Shakespeare’s text, whereby we explore the work of Peter Hall, John Barton, and Patsy Rodenburg.

This workshop is offered worldwide, and is speared over two days consisting of 4 hours each day. Students are expected to learn monologues and small scenes in preparation.


We are happy to create workshops focusing on specific themes as requested.

The Ensamble

Duration: 60-90 Minute Workshop

Age Range: 14+


Created and Performed by Emma Filby

Please contact us for booking information

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