WELCOME to Tempest Theatre

We are thrilled to welcome you to a completely unique and bespoke theatrical service.


We love Theatre, whether it is Classical, Contemporary, Musical, Experimental or just strange and thought provoking!


Tempest was formed in 2013, by myself (Emma Filby) and Co-Founder Elliot James. We were founded on the basis that Theatre and Educational Theatre can be taken anywhere on the road and offered to any institution or organization with a need. Schools, Colleges, the Corporate World, Social Organizations, Village Halls, Events, or indeed Theatres!


We hope that you enjoy looking around our website and at the services we offer. Please feel free to contact us at info@tempestheatre.com or head to our ‘contact’ page where you can complete our mail form.

Thanks for your support!


Emma & Elliot :-)



Theatrical Training and Consultation

A little more about us!


Tempest Theatre offers Educational Performances/Workshops, Training workshops, One to One Training and Consultation, and stand-alone theatre productions.


Shakespeare is our passion and we aim to demystify the Bard in order to spread the enjoyment and knowledge of his works, to remove any fear and plant a seed for a life long passion.


Many of the themes explored in our workshops can be usefully applied to education and career development.


Although our primary aim is on the Global Education, Performance & Enjoyment of Classical and Modern Classical Theatre & text, our One on One Practitioners have extensive knowledge and experience in many other areas of theatre; including Musical and Contemporary performance. You can find out more about our practitioners specialist skills and experience on our ‘Training’ page.

Tempest Theatre offers Consultation for Global Education of the Arts. We have years of personal experience in Theatre and Theatre Education and act as Consultants for other educational arts organizations. Our clients include US Performing Arts.


Tempest has a core team of two people and a pool of freelance staff. We are also available to any company requiring staff training or coaching on public speaking and presentation skills.

What People Say About Us!

Katey Cooper (Actress)

Tempest is uniquely gifted, bringing experience, comedy & raw talent to the stage. Most importantly they provide incredible teachers with indescribable patients and work ethic. Any student would be lucky to learn from them, I would know as I had the pleasure to learn and eventually work alongside them… I hope you have the opportunity also.


Allyce Torres (Artistic Director, Shringara Theatre Co)

Tempest presents Shakespeare in an extremely appropriate, evocative and enticing manner. The company artfully couples skill, talent, and education in way that makes anyone want to pick up the complete works and try a few lines themselves!


Justin Medof (Actor)

Tempest Theatre delivered far beyond anything I could have expected. Whenever I hear Shakespeare, I generally have two reactions: either the reading is going to be hard work; or the performance is going to do no justice to the material. Upon viewing the Tempest Workshop ‘Shakespeare Demystified’, I now have an altogether new perspective: Shakespearean speech is not to be an intimidating turn off, but the signal of a brilliant story and performance. Not only this, but the acting demonstrations provided by the tempest team members were of the highest quality. I have only the highest marks for Tempest Theatre and everyone privileged to see them in action is in for an outstanding theatrical treat.